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  • Business agrees to send a reminder email to everyone that signed up for an appointment 24 hours before scheduled date.                                            
  • Business agrees to send out an email in the afternoon when StresSolutions is present, stating that time slots are open and available for interested clients, if and only if, attendance is low.
  • Business will provide a designated place to set up. StresSolutions will provide all other materials including, but not limited to, an ergonomically correct chair, any and all sanitary equipment, and a portable cd player for ambiance.
  • StresSolutions will arrive at least 15 minutes before the first scheduled time slot to set up.
  • Regardless of what service plan was chosen, payment for services will be rendered at the time of service directly to therapist.
  • StresSolutions will make a call to the contact person: ___________________ with in 24 hours of scheduled date, to follow up on the number of attendees. This will only determine the number of therapists to be present; it will not constitute cancellation.
  • StresSolutions will always be present on a scheduled date regardless of the quantity of attendees.
  • No credit card payments will be accepted; cash and check only.
  • The date(s) that StresSolutions will visit may be determined monthly at the convenience of your business’ schedule.
  • Rescheduling must be conducted 24 hours prior the scheduled time and day.
  • At any time, the business or StresSolutions may terminate this agreement with a 30 day written notice.
  • StresSolutions will provide health release forms for each individual client to sign. This form states that the client consents to have the therapist work on them, and that the client has disclosed any pertinent health information that could hinder the therapists’ ability to perform his/her work well.
  • If at any time the client or therapist is uncomfortable with the massage, he/she may terminate the session.